Criminal Justice:

Practical Death Investigation

(Scheduled for publishing)

This textbook will be a practical and useful resource for all persons with an interest or charged with the investigation of death. It describes the role of the death investigator, and it contains numerous aspects of death as well as the many causes of death. The book has been broken down into two separate distinctive sections—one for an in-depth review and the other as a quick reference guide. Specific topics that are covered include; establishing time of death, postmortem changes after death, gunshot wounds, cutting and stabbing wounds, drowning, the various forms of asphyxia, lightening and electrocution, and traffic crash related deaths. Also included in this textbook are sections on crime scenes and the use of such evidence as bloodspatter interpretation and fly larvae. A comprehensive glossary is also included. The numerous case studies and crime scene photographs included in the book are actual cases and serve to illustrate an example or reason for the methods described in this textbook. The guiding theme of this textbook is that teamwork in the investigation of various aspects and causes of deaths is essential if viable and effective solutions are to take place.