Murder In Mr. Lincoln’s Hometown 

(Second Edition Hard Cover Only)

In the early 1950’s, more than a dozen murders are being committed in Springfield, Illinois. Mafia members and shady politicians are operating openly and untouched in Abe Lincoln’s hometown. The business of murder, gambling, drugs, prostitution and racketeering rules the streets.

Sangamon County Deputy Sheriff, Bufford Hammer pledges to go after the people responsible for all these murders. Although Deputy Hammer possesses outstanding investigative skills, he has to battle against all the corruption. He encounters all levels of danger and becomes the victim of three brutal attempts on his life.

Thirty years later, after retirement, Buford Hammer’s son, Deputy Sheriff John Hammer, will take up where his father left off. Together they will attempt to finally clear all the cold cases. Will the retired deputy and his son be able to build a case against all the criminals responsible for all these murders? Or, will they get caught up in foul play or worse yet become victims of Murder In Mr. Lincoln’s Hometown?

*** Update: News
Terry’s book MURDER IN MR. LINCOLN’S HOMETOWN has been turned into a screenplay, UNSANCTIONED MURDERE. Please visit the Screenplay page on this site.


Fiction: Spying on China

China Cover

The China Operation tells the remarkable story of how U.S. President Logan Alexander and his Attorney General William Thornhill planned to recruit everyday American Citizens to spy on China, before the official 1997 handover. Refusing to use FBI or CIA Operatives, AG Thornhill advances an extraordinary plan to utilize the services of several exceptional civilian professionals to infiltrate and spy on China. As the plan moves forward, after overcoming numerous starting obstacles, two US citizens, Daniel Anderson and his best friend Jack Dylan, the clandestine spy operations is finally underway. However, once in China, the team is notified of a change in plans. This new plan would go far beyond spying and become a request to physically smuggle several items past the Hong Kong Royal Police. If successful, they could save hundreds of thousands of good Chinese people. Will they succeed or be captured and placed in prison or worse, be executed? They can’t save thousands of Chinese, if they first can’t save themselves. (Based on actual events.)

*** Update: News
Terry’s book THE CHINA OPERATION has been turned into a screenplay. Please visit the Screenplay page on this site.