Book Prices

TAYLOR STORIES                                                  $8.25         (includes packaging and postage)

DESTINY TURNS DEADLY                                *$14.00             $17.50 (includes packaging and postage)

JUSTICE FOR THE BADGE                               *$17.00             $23.50 (includes packaging and postage)

THE CHINA OPERATION                                  *$20.00             $25.00 (includes packaging and postage)                           Hard Cover Only                   

MURDER IN MR. LINCOLN’S HOMETOWN  *$20.00 $25.00 (includes packaging and postage)                     Hard Cover Only

BUS RIDE INTO DARKNESS                                  *$25.00  $30.00 (includes packaging and postage)                              Hard Cover Only         

                                     (* If picked up)

How to order:

 Mail remittance for the cost for each book purchased as outlined above, to:

Peach Dog Productions, LLC

304 Hershiser Ln.

Chatham, Il. 62629


Please clearly indicate how you want your book(s) personalized.

Thank You!