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Peach Dog Productions is the official website for Terry L. Castleman.

Terry is an author of both fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, and a textbook on death investigation.

Additionally, Terry is an IMDb credited actor (2), and an award-winning screenplay writer, and film maker.

Coming Soon July 4th, 2023


UPDATE 3/18/23

Manuscript has been given to the editor.

Edited by:  Ms. Venetia Weiler Schnapp

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Although he had committed one murder, Sonny Young had never heard the term serial killer, much less think he could ever become one, especially at the tender age of twelve.  After the first killing, Sonny takes a bus trip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Bixby, Oklahoma to visit his estranged grandmother.  Before he can return by bus to Las Vegas, the body count now increased by three. Sonny Young was now on his Bus Ride Into Darkness.

Spring of 2023

The Screenplay, UNSANCTIONED MURDER, based on Terry’s novel Murder In Mr. Lincoln’s Hometown, is currently in  pre-production. Locations, cast and crew are being lined up to shoot the screenplay as a major motion picture.

                                   Written by:
 Jim Conover
Terry L. Castleman
William Homel.

Screenplay Unsanctioed Murder 1